UAPS Project Managers and City Coordinators

The UAPS would not have been possible without the efforts and commitment of its project managers and city coordinators. They, along with a team of interviewers in each of the 11 participating cities, ensured that the research was conducted in a comprehensive and sensitive way, with meaningful Aboriginal involvement.

Ginger Gosnell-Myers UAPS Project Manager
Vina Wolf UAPS Associate Project Manager
Dr. Jino Distasio University of Winnipeg Winnipeg UAPS First Nations Coordinator
Allan Vicaire Independent Consultant Montreal UAPS Coordinator
Chris Atchison Independent Consultant Vancouver UAPS Coordinator
Christine Cybenko University of Saskatoon Saskatoon UAPS Coordinator
Douglas Sinclair Independent Consultant Toronto UAPS Coordinator
Jaimee Marks First Nations University Regina UAPS Coordinator
Dr. Maisie Cardinal Independent Researcher Edmonton UAPS Coordinator
Nathan Elliot
BA Hons, MA, PhD(ABD)
Independent Researcher Calgary UAPS Coordinator
Dr. Rachel Eni University of Manitoba Winnipeg UAPS M&eactue;tis Coordinator
Shelly Knott Acosys Consulting Inc. Thunder Bay UAPS Coordinator
Dr. Trudy Sable St. Mary’s University Halifax UAPS Coordinator
Tungasuvvingat Inuit (Martin Lougheed and Barbara Sevigny) Independent Consultants Ottawa UAPS Coordinators